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Dr. Jonathan Baktari, MD is the CEO at both e7 Health and US Drug Test
Centers and the host of Baktari MD. e7 health is a preventative health
and wellness company that has been called the “the Uber of preventive
medicine” and was named the Best Technology Company in the
Healthcare Space in 2019. US Drug Test Centers is a nationwide network
of over 20,000 testing centers in the US and is revolutionizing drug and
alcohol testing across the nation.

Both of these groundbreaking technology companies were born out of
a combination of Dr. Baktari’s expertise as a doctor, medical director
and educator and his over 20 years of clinical, administrative and
entrepreneurial experience. A former triple board-certified physician with
specialties in internal medicine, pulmonary and critical care medicine,
being a healthcare CEO is only the latest chapter in Dr. Baktari’s life
mission to help others by making integrative preventative medicine
available to everyone.

Dr. Baktari has always believed that helping others was the ultimate
achievement in life. Now, as a business leader, sought-after speaker and
podcast host, he’s excited to share his expertise in preventative health,
tech entrepreneurship and other topics that can’t be found anywhere else.